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Drinking From Puddles: 08/27/2014

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Drinking from Puddles on 12/09/09

Air date: 
Wed, 12/09/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
Eternal Tapestry performs Live on Drinking From Puddles !!

Live on Drinking From Puddles for 12/09/09 it's Eternal Tapestry !!


Drinking from Puddles on 10/21/09

Air date: 
Wed, 10/21/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Alela Diane performs Live on Drinking From Puddles 10/21/09 !!


"There's a powerful weariness to 25-year-old Alela Diane's voice as it dips and curls its way through her second album, woozy pedal steel glinting and shimmering all about her, hollow-hooved percussion trailing in her wake. Like The Pirate's Gospel, her cruelly unheralded 2006 debut, To Be Still is a staggering meditation on the idea of home in its many forms, and shares its predecessor's knowing heart—young, but already familiar with the tugging weights of time, family and love.

Drinking from Puddles on 10/14/09

Air date: 
Wed, 10/14/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
Samantha Crain performs Live on Drinking From Puddles !!

Samantha Crain Performs Live on Drinking From Puddles tonight !!





"I will give in to the dark clouds/I will sing with the fog in my throat," begins Samantha Crain on her debut LP. The line seems half-true. Her voice is gorgeously odd — all fulsome, shape-shifting vowels that do indeed billow like fog. But while her moody country rock is full of dark themes, she rarely gives in to them: Her band plays with jaunty sweetness, shuffling and bouncing through sorghum-sticky melodies.

Drinking from Puddles on 09/30/09

Air date: 
Wed, 09/30/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
Haley Bonar performs Live on Drinking From Puddles !!

Haley Bonar performs Live on Drinking From Puddles !!


Haley Bonar is twenty-four years old, and already on her fourth album. Her new album, Big Star, is a watershed moment for her—a record like a Cormac McCarthy short story: simple on the intake, but revealing universal truths with a powerful emotional impact as it sinks in. In the words of filmmaker Ali Selim (Sweet Land) "Her voice is an invitation to amazing places."
Bonar was born near Winnipeg, raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and cut her teeth on the winters of Duluth, Minnesota. She presently calls St. Paul her home.
Her first album, Haley Bryn Bonar, was recorded when she was seventeen.

Drinking from Puddles on 08/12/09

Air date: 
Wed, 08/12/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
Shoeshine Blue to perform on Drinking From Puddles !!

Shoeshine Blue will perform on Drinking From Puddles on 08/12/09 !!


Drinking from Puddles

Air date: 
Wed, 07/22/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
Tara Jane O'Neil performs on Drinking From Puddles !!

Tara Jane O'Neil performs on Drinking From Puddles !!


"TARA JANE O'NEIL : A WAYS AWAY (klp207) may 5 2009
The work of TJO has always innately crossed genres and boundaries- like several genies emerging from a single lamp. Every singer wants to be a painter, every guitarist a singer, every songwriter a poet and every producer an alchemist or at least an author.
Tjo is skilled at all these things, and for her 5th album she has wielded all of her powers. She has made a song cycle, generous and concise, direct and uncompromised.

Drinking from Puddles on 06/24/09

Air date: 
Wed, 06/24/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
Viva Voce perform live on Drinking From Puddles !!

Viva Voce play live on Drinking From Puddles !!
Wednesday, June 24th - 8pm-11pm

"At this spring's SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, Viva Voce frontman Kevin Robinson surveyed the dense crowd before him with a smirk on his face. "Are y'all blogging this (show)?" he asked, noting the army of texters staring into their devices as the band took a break between songs. "It's like you're guests in my kitchen and I'm the chef: I just want you to eat the food!" This old-school passion for the music, and nothing but, touches every aspect of the fourth full-length album from the husband-and-wife team of Robinson and singer/guitarist Anita Robinson.

Drinking from Puddles on 05/26/09

Air date: 
Tue, 05/26/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
Autopilot Is For Lovers perform Live on Drinking From Puddles

Autopilot Is For Lovers return to Drinking From Puddles for a Live performance !!

Drinking from Puddles on 05/20/09

Air date: 
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
Laura Gibson on Drinking From Puddles tonight !!

Live on Drinking From Puddles for 05/20/09 it's Laura Gibson !! 

“One of the year's most breathtaking albums. Beasts of Seasons is nothing short of a masterpiece, both for its flawless and often haunting execution and for its inspired statements on the human experience.” - NPR

Drinking from Puddles on 05/13/09

Air date: 
Wed, 05/13/2009 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Short Description: 
Monica Nelson returns to Drinking From Puddles!

Live on Drinking From Puddles for 05/13/09 it's the return of Monica Nelson (of The Obituaries) with Stephyn Phyllop Clarke on keyboards !!

"The Obituaries' frontwoman, Monica Nelson, has a ridiculous voice: It slips from rough-around-the-edges, froggy-throated rawk growls into sweet, honey-smooth croons with the greatest of ease, which is probably why Northwest legends the Obits are so damn hard to categorize. The music ranges from metal to swinging hard-bop to riff rock, but the soul embodied in Nelson's howl transcends genre"--AMY MCCULLOUGH/WILLAMETTE WEEK



program date: 
Wed, 03/14/2012

Legendary Northwest rockers Fred & Toody Cole are doing a special engagement as a duo at the Ash Street Saloon on Friday 03/16/12, and previewed several tunes for us on live-on-your-radio on the Drinking From Puddles broadcast. Here's the set:

Down the Road / I Hate the Blues / It's Still You / We Won't Break

  • Length: 16:01 minutes (14.66 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: Jenny Don't, Kelly Halliburton, Sam Henry

program date: 
Wed, 03/14/2012

As a sneak preview for the Friday night show at Ash St. Salloon, Jenny Don't, Kelly Halliburton, Sam Henry play 4 unplugged songs, 3 covers and  an original by Jenny!

A Tribute to Musician and Poet Stephen Spyrit

program date: 
Wed, 11/17/2010

Revered Portland poet, musician, activist and scholar Stephen Spyrit recently passed. This is a audio tribute aired on KBOO-FM's Drinking From Puddles program which aired on 11/17/10

  • Length: 19:54 minutes (22.76 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)


Drinking from Puddles playlist for 08/13/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Special guest, Monica Nelson!:  Brandon hosts:

Played Dur. Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
08:02pm 6:34 Long Hallways MATADOR Live from Dystopia 2013 Long Hallways  
08:09pm 3:01 Max Richter, Andre de Ridder, Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin, Daniel Hope & Raphael Alpermann Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Winter 1 Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons  2014 Deutsche Grammophon (DG)  
08:12pm 7:08 Tess Barr Dead And Gone Do What You Want 2014 Barrbarian Records  
08:19pm 3:00 Átila Intención Intención 1976 BASF  
08:22pm 3:00 Edwin Starr My Weakness Is You I Am The Man For You Baby / My Weakness Is You 7-Inch 1968 Gordy  
08:25pm 3:33 Jean Shepard Many Happy Hangovers To You Many Happy Hangovers 1966 Capitol
08:28pm 3:00 Bare Wires Runaway Heart Artificial Clouds 2009 Tic-tac-totally  
08:38pm 3:09 Chris Staples Hold Onto Something American Soft 2014 Barsuk Records  
08:41pm 6:50 Sweetwater COMPARED TO WHAT JUST FOR YOU
1970 Reprise  
08:48pm 3:33 Bardo Pond Without A Doubt Without A Doubt b/w Heaven II 7-inch 2014 Drawing Room Records  
08:51pm 5:28 Spider Bags We Got Problems Frozen Letter 2014 Merge Records / Hostess  
08:57pm 3:33 PC Worship Odd Social Rust 2014 Northern Spy  
09:08pm 3:02 Monica Nelson and The Highgates Revival I See Thee Still - EP
2014 Vinyl Fetish Records  
09:19pm 3:01 Monica Nelson and The Highgates Nowhere But Up I See Thee Still - EP
2014 Vinyl Fetish Records  
09:25pm 3:12 Monica Nelson and The Highgates My Need I See Thee Still - EP
2014 Vinyl Fetish Records  
09:28pm 2:48 Obituaries The Couch 1988 - Ep
1988 Highgate Records  
09:34pm 2:39 Casey JacK STAY AWAY Casey Jack 2014 French Kiss  
09:36pm 2:23 Haley Bonar No Sensitive Man Last War 2014 Memphis Industries  
09:39pm 5:20 Furry Lewis Judge Boushe Blues Fourth and Beale 1971 Blue Star  
09:44pm 7:41 Lou Reed Oh, Jim Stiff on His Legend 1978 Velvet Records  
09:47pm 3:02 OBN IIIs Runnin' On Fumes (Live) OBN III's Live in San Francisco
2014 Castle Face Records  
09:56pm 3:17 Reigning Sound My My Shattered 2014 Merge Records / Hostess  



Drinking from Puddles playlist for 07/30/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Brandon hosts:

08:00pm 5:55 Plankton Wat Other Realms Dawn Of The Golden Eternity 2009 DNT Records  
08:06pm 5:24 Sand Who Ya Tryin' To Fool Sand
1973 Barnaby Records  
08:11pm 3:44 Young-Holt Unlimited Who's Making Love Who's Making Love / Just Ain't No Love 7-inch
1969 Brunswick  
08:15pm 4:50 The Acid Basic Instinct Liminal 2014 Mute
08:20pm 9:50 Cerberus Shoal Broken Springs Spring Forth from Broken Clocks And Farewell To Hightide 1996 Stella White Records  
08:29pm 6:58 Electric Light Orchestra In Old England Town (Boogie #2) ELO II 1973 Epic/Legacy  
08:36pm 4:26 Will Roy Sanders I Smell Trouble The Last Living Bluesman 1999 Shangri-La Projects  
08:41pm 3:33 Keith Morris/Ty Segall/John Dwyer/Steven McDonald Zonar Rose (Feat. Keith Morris, Steven McDonald, Ty Segall & John Dwyer) The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project 7-inch 2014 Glitterhouse  
08:49pm 3:17 Haley Bonar Woke Up In My Future Last War 2014 Memphis Industries  
08:52pm 2:09 Dirty Lungs I Suck in Bed Dirty Lungs
2014 Communicating Vessels  
08:54pm 4:33 Ola Belle Reed Wayfaring Pilgrim Ola Belle Reed 1973 Rounder  
08:59pm 5:06 Dirty Three You Were A Bum Dream Sad & Dangerous 1994 Poon Village  
09:04pm 4:37 Field Mouse Water In the Valley Hold Still Life 2014 TOPSHELF RECORDS (TSF)  
09:09pm 3:00 The Mighty Gospel Giants On These Grounds Let There Be Peace 1970 Minit  
09:12pm 4:40 Jarboe Killer (Dusted Angel Mix) Dissected - A Collection Of Remixes 2002 The Living Jarboe  
09:16pm 2:58 Reigning Sound IN MY DREAMS Shattered 2014 Merge Records / Hostess  
09:19pm 2:55 Tiny Ruins Chainmail Maker Brightly Painted One 2014 Spunk  
09:22pm 3:45 Rick James Love Gun Love Gun 12" 1979 Motown  
09:26pm 5:00 Max Richter, Andre de Ridder, Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin & Daniel Hope Summer 1 Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
2014 Deutsche Grammophon (DG)  
09:31pm 2:44 Katastrophy Wife Liberty Belle All Kneel
2014 Do Yourself In  
09:38pm 5:09 White Fence Wolf Gets Red Faced For the Recently Found Innocent 2014 Drag City  
09:43pm 9:15 This Will Destroy You Black Dunes (Live) Live in Reykjavik, Iceland
2013 Magic Bullet  
09:53pm 6:23 Laurie Anderson So Happy Birthday United States Live
1984 Warner Bros.

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 07/16/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Brandon hosts:

07:59pm 7:42 Christopher Bono Bardo: Bardo IV. Clouds Blooming at the Thought of Union Bardo
2014 Our Silent Canvas  
08:07pm 8:08 This Will Destroy You A Three Legged Workhorse (Live) Live in Reykjavik, Iceland
2013 Magic Bullet  
08:15pm 3:10 Brianna Lea Pruett New Life Gypsy Bells 2013 Canyon  
08:18pm 7:06 T-Model Ford & GravelRoad Same Old Train Taledragger 2011 Alive Records  
08:25pm 3:33 Illinois Speed Press The Life Duet 1970 Columbia  
08:29pm 3:33 Haji Baba Bongo Madness Crazy Bongos 1960 Modern Records  
08:32pm 2:55 White Fence Paranoid Bait For the Recently Found Innocent 2014 Drag City  
08:33pm 3:00 Charles Bradley Love Bug Blues (feat. Menahan Street Band) Victim Of Love 2013 V2 Records Benelux  
08:36pm 21:52 Bardo Pond Sangh Seriatim Refulgo
1996 Three Lobed Recordings  
08:58pm 3:32 Valaida Snow You're Driving Me Crazy Hot Snow - Queen Of The Trumpet - Sings & Swings
1940 Rosetta Records  
09:01pm 2:52 Reigning Sound You Did Wrong Shattered 2014 Merge Records / Hostess  
09:07pm 3:27 Eyelids I Can't Be Told Seagulls Into Submission - Single 2014 Off  
09:10pm 3:10 Blouse No Shelter Imperium 2013 Captured Tracks  
09:13pm 3:17 Summer Cannibals Not Your Turn PDX Pop Now 2014 2014 PDX Pop Now  
09:16pm 2:31 Grandparents Pill Spectre PDX Pop Now 2014 2014 PDX Pop Now  
09:19pm 3:00 Coma Serfs Under the Tongue PDX Pop Now 2014 2014 PDX Pop Now  
09:25pm 5:00 Max Richter, Andre de Ridder, Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin, Daniel Hope & Raphael Alpermann Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Summer 3 Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
2014 Deutsche Grammophon  
09:28pm 5:39 Radio Birdman Man With Golden Helmet Radios Appear 1977 Sire  
09:34pm 3:45 Smoke Fairies The Very Last Time Smoke Fairies 2014 Full Time Hobby  
09:38pm 3:15 George Morgan Sounds of Goodbye The Ballad Of The Grand Ole Opry 45 1968 Starday Records  
09:41pm 3:22 Dhow Lindworm Amara 2014 Inam Records  
09:44pm 1:42 Guided By Voices I Am Columbus Motivational Jumpsuit
2014 GBV Inc.  
09:46pm 3:00 Nick Cave Ramblin' Mind The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project - We Are Only Riders 2010 Glitterhouse Records  
09:56pm 3:00 Hillstomp Don't Come Down Portland Ore.
2014 Fluf & Gray

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 07/02/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 


Drinking From Puddles with Brandon :  07/02/2014 08:00PM to 10:00PM


08:02PM-08:09PM (7:31) Stefan Wesolowski “What the Thunder Said” from Liebestod ( 2013) on Important Records

08:09PM-08:15PM (5:40) Thad Jones, Mel Lewis & Ruth Brown “Be Anything (But Be Mine)” from The Big Band Sound of Thad Jones and Mel Lewis featuring Ruth Brown (1968) on Solid State

08:15PM-08:20PM (4:56) This Will Destroy You “Quiet (Live)” from Live in Reykjavik, Iceland (2013) on Magic Bullet

08:20PM-08:23PM (3:30) The Sisters and Brothers “All Along The Watchtower” from Dylan's Gospel (1969) on Ode/Light In The Attic

08:23PM-08:29PM (5:10) Bill Callahan “SPRING” from Dream River (2013) on Drag City

08:29PM-08:34PM (5:19) Zephyr “I Am Not Surprised” from Sunset Ride (1972) on Warner Bros.

08:34PM-08:37PM (2:56) Fuzz “21St Century Schizoïd Man” from Sunderberry Dream - Single (2013) on In The Red

08:39PM-08:42PM (3:00) The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger “Too Deep” from Midnight Sun (2014) on Chimera Music

08:42PM-08:44PM (2:02) Bobby Womack “Midnight Mover” from A Midnight Mover (1968) on Minit Records

08:44PM-08:47PM (2:56) Terry Brown “C.O.W.B.O.Y.” from Party On The Prarie (2014) on THB Records

08:47PM-08:52PM (4:24) Tiny Ruins “Carriages” from Brightly Painted One (2014) on Spunk

08:52PM-08:58PM (6:01) Orange Wedge “Keep On Livin'” from Wedge (1972) on Wah-Wah Records Sound ‎

09:00PM-09:03PM (2:57) The Fuzz “SOMEBODY LIKE YOU” from The Fuzz (2013) on Munster 

09:03PM-09:06PM (3:28) Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens “Get up, Child” from Cold World (2014) on Daptone Records

09:06PM-09:10PM (4:03) Matthew Edwards & The Unfortunates “The English Blues” from Metal Postcards (Compilation)(2014) on Metal Postcard

09:10PM-09:15PM (4:44) Mirah “I Am The Garden” from Changing Light (2014) on K Records

09:15PM-09:19PM (4:06) Uriah Heep “SUNRISE” from The Magician's Birthday (1972) on Bronze Records

09:19PM-09:21PM (2:22) The Harptones “Since I Fell For You” from Since I Fell For You / Oobie - Oobie - Oo 78 RPM 10-inch (1954) on Bruce Records

09:21PM-09:23PM (2:06) Lucrecia Dalt “Soliloquios” from SYZYGY (2013) on Human Ear Music

09:23PM-09:27PM (3:46) Ages and Ages “Light Goes Out” from Divisionary (2014) on Partisan

09:27PM-09:30PM (2:20) Swanee Caldwell “Six Days on The Road” from Truck Driver Songs: A Salute to The Men Of The Open Road (1963) on Gusto Records

09:30PM-09:32PM (2:26) JG Thirlwell “Witchmarket” from The Blue Eyes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2013) on Ectopic Ents

09:32PM-09:37PM (5:27) Bardo Pond “Affa” from Refulgo (1994) on Three Lobed Recordings

09:37PM-09:40PM (2:23) Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee “Rock Island Line” from Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry (1975) on Storyville Records

09:40PM-09:44PM (4:04) Eagulls “Nerve Endings” from Eagulls (2014) on Partisan Records

09:47PM-09:50PM (2:20) Cowbell “Love Got Me Down” from Beat Stampede (2012) on Damaged Goods

09:50PM-09:53PM (3:33) Tsee Mud “When I Was A Boy” from LSD Barco (1972) on Shadoks Music

09:55PM-09:59PM (3:33) The Pack A.D. “ANIMAL” from Do Not Engage (2014) on Nettwerk

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 06/18/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Frightwig interview! Brandon hosts:

08:02pm 9:44 Alien Whale Anointus Venomous Atlanticus Alien Whale 10" vinyl 2014 Care in the Community Recordings  
08:12pm 3:48 The Jones Family Singers DOWN ON ME The Spirit Speaks 2014 Arts & Labor  
08:15pm 4:28 The Black Keys IN TIME Turn Blue 2014 Nonesuch  
08:20pm 4:48 Cypress Grove When I Get My Cadillac The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project: Axels & Sockets 2014 Glitterhouse Records  
08:25pm 3:16 Lydia Ainsworth CANDLE Right From Real, Pt. 1 - EP 2014 Arbutus  
08:28pm 3:00 Solomon Burke That Lucky Old Sun Proud Mary 1969 Bell  
08:31pm 5:49 Bardo Pond Blues Tune Refulgo 1994 Three Lobed Recordings  
08:39pm 3:31 Night Beats MESSIAH Messiah / Good Time Blues - Single 2012 RESURRECTION RECORDS  
08:43pm 5:11 Mirah Radiomind Changing Light 2014 K Records  
08:48pm 3:00 Wailing Wall Mad Rapper Wailing Wall 1970 Rockadelic  
08:51pm 3:54 Black Prairie Animals Inside Fortune 2014 Sugar Hill  
08:55pm 3:25 National Wake Black Punk Rockers Walk in Africa 1979-81
2013 Light In the Attic  
08:58pm 3:31 The Pack A.D. Stalking Is Normal Do Not Engage 2014 Nettwerk  
09:14pm 2:27 Frightwig Crawford Hit Return EP 2013 Motherwig Music  
09:19pm 3:00 Frightwig War On Women (online video version)
2014 Motherwig Music  
09:27pm 3:52 Frightwig A Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do Hit Return EP 2013 Motherwig Music  
09:31pm 2:14 Frightwig Vagabondage Cat Farm Faboo 1984 Subterranean
09:33pm 3:18 Frightwig My Crotch Does Not Say Go Hit Return EP 2013 Motherwig Music  
09:37pm 5:45 Frightwig Tomorrow Never Comes Cat Farm Faboo 1984 Subterranean
09:42pm 4:56 Frightwig CRAZY WORLD Hit Return EP 2013 Motherwig Music  
09:49pm 2:11 Lora Faye Judy Garland Waltzes - EP
2013 NewSong Recordings  
09:51pm 1:59 Fakes Insecure Bro Harsh Reality
2014 Misery Loves Company  
09:53pm 4:54 Taylor McFerrin A Place In My Heart (feat. RYAT) Early Riser 2014 Brainfeeder

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 06/04/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Brandon hosts:

08:02pm 7:56 Stefan Wesolowski Ostinato Liebestod
2013 Important Records  
08:09pm 4:25 Smoke Fairies Koto Smoke Fairies 2014 Full Time Hobby  
08:14pm 9:20 Comets On Fire Beneath the Iceage Field Recordings from the Sun 2002 Ba Da Bing!  
08:23pm 2:48 The Poppy Family Where Evil Grows Poppy Seeds 1971 London  
08:26pm 3:11 The Black Keys It’s Up to You Now Turn Blue 2014 Nonesuch  
08:32pm 3:41 The Amber Lights with Debbie Harry Kisses For My President Axels & Sockets - The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project 2014 Glitterhouse  
08:36pm 2:03 Avers THE ONLY ONE Empty Light
2014 Avers  
08:38pm 3:33 Steve Gunn Decline Of the Stiff Steve Gunn / Ilyas Ahmed ‎– Split 7-inch 2011 Immune  
08:42pm 4:12 Mirah 24th St Changing Light 2014 K Records  
08:46pm 12:40 Swans Just A Little Boy (For Chester Burnett) To Be Kind 2014 Young God  
08:59pm 2:22 Fontaine Sisters Billy Boy Rock Love 1958 Charly Records  
09:01pm 3:33 Bob Larson Bob Larson Speaks out On Rock Music Bob Larson Speaks out On Rock Music
1969 Belar Enterprises  
09:04pm 4:32 July Dandelion Seeds July
1968 Major Minor/Epic  
09:09pm 2:32 Kitty Wells Hey, Joe Hey Joe / My Cold Cold Heart Is Melted Now 7-inch 1953 Decca
09:12pm 4:53 Dim Stars Downtown At Dawn Dim Stars 1992 Paperhouse  
09:22pm 4:15 EMA NEUROMANCER The Future's Void 2014 City Slang  
09:26pm 3:55 Carl Carlton WILD CHILD Sure Miss Loving You / Wild Child 7-inch 1970 Back Beat  
09:30pm 2:55 Jessica Lea Mayfield NO FUN Make My Head Sing... 2014 ATO Records (AT0)  
09:33pm 12:00 The James Gang Stop Yer' Album 1969 ABC Dunhill  
09:45pm 2:43 The Traps Missed the Mark Boom Pow Awesome Wow 2014 Castle Face Records  
09:47pm 3:00 Peter Buck My Slobbering Decline I Am Back to Blow Your Mind Once Again 2014 Mississippi Records  
09:50pm 1:49 Dorothy Lee You Got to Give an Account (feat. Norma Jean, Shirley Marie Johnson & Robert “nighthawk” Johnson) Sorrow Come Pass Me Around: A Survey of Rural Religious Black Music 2013 Dust-to-Digital  
09:52pm 3:00 The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger Xanadu Midnight Sun 2014 Chimera Music  
09:55pm 3:00 Barrence Whitfield and The Savages Turn Your Damper Down Dig Thy Savage Soul
2013 Bloodshot

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 05/28/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Brandon hosts:

08:02pm 5:46 Fennesz Static Kings Becs 2014 Editions Mego  
08:07pm 12:41 Elizabeth Anka Vajagic Pain Nostalgia / Pain 2005 Constellation  
08:20pm 6:50 The Black Keys Weight Of Love Turn Blue 2014 Nonesuch  
08:27pm 6:30 Bobby Womack I Can Understand It Understanding 1972 United Artists  
08:33pm 1:32 Maya Angelou When I Think About Myself Black Pearls: The Poetry Of Maya Angelou
1998 GWP Records  
08:37pm 5:21 Mirah GOLD RUSH Changing Light 2014 K Records  
08:42pm 5:12 Old Smokey Transylvania Jam Wester Easter 2014 Cloud Recordings  
08:48pm 2:40 The New Stan Getz Quartet, Featuring Astrud Gilberto Corcovado Getz Au Go-Go 1964 verve  
08:50pm 8:37 Medicine ONE MORE Part Time Punks Live: In Session 2014 Captured Tracks  
08:59pm 5:02 Julie Christensen Weird Kid's Blues The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project: Axels & Sockets 2014 Glitterhouse Records  
09:04pm 2:58 The Normals Hardcore Vacation to Nowhere
2012 last laugh records  
09:12pm 4:47 Throwing Muses Slippershell Purgatory / Paradise 2013 Throwing Music/Harper-Collins  
09:17pm 5:49 Yes THEN Time and a Word
1970 Atlantic  
09:22pm 5:00 The Village Soul Choir The Cat Walk The Village Soul Choir On Sesame Street 1970 Abbott Records  
09:27pm 2:25 Christine Hoberg Cinderblock World Within 2014 self released  
09:30pm 2:50 Tex Ritter Sam Hall Blood On The Saddle
1960 Capitol  
09:33pm 3:42 DVA Mulatu Nipomo 2014 Northern Spy  
09:36pm 2:40 Wau Y Los Arrrghs!! Malditos Modales Todo Roto
2013 Slovenly  
09:41pm 3:50 The Black Angels Diamond Eyes Clear Lake Forest 2014 Blue Horizon  
09:44pm 4:16 Kindest Lines Destructive Paths to Live Happily Covered In Dust 2011 Wierd Records  
09:49pm 3:00 Buddy Guy Crazy Love Left My Blues In San Francisco
1968 Chess  
09:52pm 3:00 The Liminanas Crystal Anis Crystal Anis
2012 Hozac  
09:55pm 3:00 Neo Boys Broken Mirror Sooner Or Later 1979 K Records

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 05/21/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 

Brandon hosts:

08:02pm 3:46 Doc Wör Mirran Bennie Odds, Sods And Dirtclods 1991 RRRecords/Empty Records  
08:06pm 4:26 Glenn Jones Against My Ruin Welcomed Wherever I Go 2014 Thrill Jockey  
08:10pm 8:13 Hedvig Mollestad Trio Arigato, Bitch Enfant Terrible 2014 Rune Grammofon  
08:18pm 2:50 Jessica Lea Mayfield Anything You Want Make My Head Sing... 2014 ATO Records   
08:21pm 6:07 Al Green Wait Here Wait Here (12") 1978 Hi Records  
08:25pm 3:33 Ty Segall Feel Feel 7-inch 2014 Drag City  
08:29pm 6:59 Crippled Black Phoenix Constant Limbo (Constant Rain) [feat. Mark Lanegan & Bertrand Cantat] [with Cypress Grove] The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project: Axels & Sockets 2014 Glitterhouse Records  
08:36pm 2:27 The Louvin Brothers You'll Be Rewarded Over There The Louvin Brothers (Ira And Charles) 1957 MGM Records  
08:38pm 3:33 The People's Temple Handsome Nick Musical Garden 2014 Hozac  
08:51pm 2:34 Throwing Muses Quick Purgatory / Paradise 2013 Throwing Music/Harper-Collins  
08:53pm 5:03 The Skull Defekts The Fable (feat. Daniel Higgs) Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown (feat. Daniel Higgs) 2014 Thrill Jockey  
08:58pm 4:18 EMA SATELLITES The Future's Void 2014 City Slang  
09:03pm 3:20 Beauregarde I I 7-inch 1969 NWI/Jackpot!  
09:06pm 4:41 Black Prairie FORTUNE Fortune 2014 Sugar Hill  
09:11pm 2:25 Savoy Brown A Hard Way to Go Raw Sienna 1970 Decca
09:13pm 4:11 Mirah Oxen Hope Changing Light 2014 K Records  
09:17pm 4:11 Jeffertitti's Nile Midnight Siren The Electric Hour 2014 Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records  
09:21pm 3:28 The Jones Family Singers I AM The Spirit Speaks 2014 Arts & Labor  
09:25pm 3:33 LOW Canada Canada EP 2002 Rough Trade
09:28pm 3:15 Sly & the Family Stone Say You Will Small Talk 1974 epic  
09:32pm 2:33 Lizzy Mercier Descloux Jim On the Move Press Color
1979 ZE Records  
09:34pm 3:00 Pow! Cyber Attack!! Hi-Tech Boom
2014 Castle Face Records  
09:41pm 3:05 Bry Webb AM Blues Free Will 2014 Idée Fixe  
09:44pm 3:33 Jungle Slave Ship House Of Rooms
1969 Jungle Music Corp.  
09:48pm 3:34 Smoke Fairies Shadow Inversions Smoke Fairies 2014 Full Time Hobby  
09:51pm 3:42 The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger Midnight Sun Midnight Sun 2014 Chimera Music  
09:56pm 2:42 Thee Headcoatees Here Comes Cessation Here Comes Cessation 1999 Vinyl Japan  

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Drinking from Puddles playlist for 05/07/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Membership Drive program: Brandon hosts:

08:02PM-08:21PM (19:20) Bardo Pond “Ride Into The Sun” from Looking for Another Place (2014) on Fire Records

08:21PM-08:29PM (7:59) Swans “OXYGEN” from To Be Kind (2014) on Mute (UK)

08:36PM-08:39PM (3:00) Charles Bradley “Changes” from Changes 7-inch (Single, 2014) on Daptone

08:39PM-08:43PM (3:33) Quasi “You Can Stay But You Gotta Go” from Mole City (Single, 2013) on Kill Rock Stars

08:46PM-08:50PM (4:26) Throwing Muses “Milan” from Purgatory / Paradise (2013) on Throwing Music/Harper-Collins

09:00PM-09:04PM (3:25) The Mountain Goats “Lion's Teeth” from The Sunset Tree (CD, Album, Rock, 2005) on 4ad

09:04PM-09:08PM (3:56) Mogwai “Repelish” from Rave Tapes (2014) on Sub Pop

09:08PM-09:11PM (3:00) The Julie Ruin “Just My Kind” from Run Fast (2013) on TJR Records

09:18PM-09:22PM (4:17) DVA “Vampira” from Nipomo (2014) on Northern Spy

09:22PM-09:25PM (3:12) The Jones Family Singers “Made Up MY Mind” from The Spirit Speaks (2014) on Arts & Labor

09:25PM-09:28PM (3:12) Ministry “Just Got Paid” from Cover Up (2008) on Megaforce (USA)

09:39PM-09:42PM (3:00) Hillstomp “Meet Me At The Bottom” from Portland, Ore (2014) on Fluf & Gravy

09:42PM-09:45PM (2:55) Lydia Lunch & Big Sexy Noise “The Gospel Singer” from Big Sexy Noise - EP (2009) on Sartorial Records

09:45PM-09:48PM (2:41) Chris Newman “Play!” from Beachcomber (2014) on self released

09:48PM-09:51PM (3:00) The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger “Too Deep” from Midnight Sun (2014) on Chimera Music

09:55PM-09:58PM (3:07) The Pack A.D. “Big Shot” from Do Not Engage (2014) on Nettwerk

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 04/23/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
FreakwaterGood for NothinEnd TimeThrill Jockey
Valerie JuneOn My WayPushin Against a Stone
Greg CartwrightBad ManLive at the Found Object
Neil FinnDivebomberDizzy Heights
Robert PollardIt Disappearsin the Least LIkelyHoney Locust Honkey tonk
Plastic Ono BandRemember Love
Radio NigerNomad/Sahara FMRadio NigerSublime Frequencies
SpraypaintDippping the RailsRodeo songsSS Records
the RingsI wanna be free7"Chiswick Records
Public Image LimitedLollipop OperaThis is PiL
The CreaturesSay Yes
Purling HissMidnight ManLounge Lizards
Ty SegallShe Don't CareSleeper
Tank of DanzigNo More ChanceNot trendy
The NunsWalkin The BeatThe Nuns
BluntEmpty Vessels
The FallMr RodeThe Remainderer
ChumbawambaTienamen SquareSlap!
Neon JudgementFactory Walk7"
Kitchen and the plastic spoonsHappy Funeral7"
Hunx and his punxIt's Not Easy Being MeStreet Punk
TV GhostThe Recluse
Mekanik KommandoStop and PlayDancing Elephants
Cinema 90In Ultra VioletSeattle Syndrome Two
Red ZebraI Can't live in a living roomLast Band Standing
WipersYouth of AmericaYouth of America
Erin Yanke, substitute host
This show is dedicated to Kim Fey, dear friend. 


Driftwood Magazine shouts out to Drinkin from Puddles May Days


Dear Brandon,

Took a coupla three years since you helped get Cindy Lee Berryhill back out playing her new songs after the years caring for her husband the rock writer Paul Williams who had traumatic brain injury in bike mishap. Your wide-ranging i-view with her on DRINKING FROM PUDDLES remains a classic and should be archived.  Here's how the inspiration drawn from her life and songs and your superb sustained discussion with her (so rare even on community radio) got integrated into the theme of "MAY DAYS FADE 2011" in Mitch's Monthly Mix a chance to discuss song material and making rather than focus on Celebrity and Personality as per our standard journalism. Enjoy and Keep on Doing! Scroll down to Track 12 here to quick cut to clip of and discussion of Berryhill's "Forty Cent Raise" http://driftwoodmagazine.com/2011/06/04/1957/ 

Respectfully yours,

Mitch Ritter, Driftwood Magazine NW Correspondent.

PS - Can ya route this link to CLB too?  She plays Banjo Jim's in the East Village June 9, 2011 at 8 PM so good to see her playing out again....

2009 playlists

Any plans to post the 2009 playlists?




your very creative show:

Hey Brandon - whenever your show is on i always make an effort to keep tuned in. I have a dedicated radio set to KBOO that has been playing continually for the last several years (I never turn it off). It's an old GE Am & Fm clock radio out in the patio that I keep on low volume at night to scare off any possible intruders, especially when someone at The Boo is playing some really freaky stuff during the early hours of the AM (which I call "the rat-scratching hours" , about 3 to 4 AM when both rats and sub-humans become especially active. I talked to you once before on the phone when I was making a one hour video called "KBOO radio check" in which I tuned every radio in the house to KBOO and went to each one with my camcorder, checking to see that it was picking up the waves ok - this was during the early AM when you were on that time slot - i had the camcorder set on night vision and it all turned out good. There were about eight different radios involved, each with their own glowing readouts that indicated 90.7 FM was tuned in - and I zoomed in for a closeup of each one while your program was on the air. In fact, I talked to you at the station while my video was going. It's a one hour video (a real classic) but you have to have your show to get in the right frame of mind to view it. So the bottom line is that I'm a long time listener (have been since KBOO first came on the air) and i find your show quite inspirational and inventive - and always enjoy your commentary whenever you get around to it, so be sure to add that aspect to your show tonight, even though it seems a little out of place that you're on so early tonight, like a different time zone or something. Later (~)


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