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There are changes on the horizon for the radio show/podcast formerly known as "DIY, Portland." First of all, I have decided to change the name, something I've been meaning to do for some time, to Destination DIY. The main reason for this is because the show has broad enough appeal that other stations outside our fair city are beginning to play it and it seems like a good idea to take the word "Portland" out of the title in order to better include listeners in other places. The show will still be based in Portland, however.
    While the city where the show is broadcast will not be changing, it will be available here in different ways. As I transition to a fulltime staff position at OPB, that station will also be taking on the distribution of my show.
    The June 19 episode will be the last one on KBOO's airwaves and web site. I intend to remain a loyal volunteer as KBOO continues to undergo what I see as an exciting transformation. If you want to follow the transformation of Destination DIY, I invite you to visit or for details. All future episodes will continue to be available at and via the podcast. Listening parties will continue to take place @ 7pm the third Thursday of each month at the Waypost coffee shop (3120 N. Williams Ave.)

Thank you all for your support and inspiration.

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Episode Archive

DIY, Portland on 06/19/08

Air date: 
Thu, 06/19/2008 - 10:00am - 10:30am
Short Description: 
Gender Expression

Can gender expression be a do-it-yourself project? We'll attempt to
answer that and many other complex questions about sexuality, biology
and identity in four interviews with people across the gender spectrum.


DIY, Portland: Home Birth

program date: 
Wed, 08/15/2007

A new episode of DIY, Portland is born! This month, we're talking with midwives, doulas and moms about a do-it-yourself project as old as human history. You'll hear stories of home birth and unassisted birth, along with music from the lovely and talented Ali Ippolito. Fair warning: you will also hear some sounds of mamas grunting and babies crying.

Thanks once again to Brian Kramer for his audio skills and to Nick Jaina for our theme song. Special thanks to Nina Jacobi for her piece called "Birth Night."

Higher quality downloads and links to podcast, etc. available right here.

DIY, Portland: Zine Show!!

program date: 
Wed, 07/18/2007

In anticipation of the zine symposium in August, it's our second annual zine show! Hear Kate Haas reading from her zine and John Marr remembering back to the DIY ethic of the punk rock era that first inspired him to publish himself. Get an update about the Independent Publishing Resource Center and find out how Portland is like Paris.

As always, thanks to Brian Kramer for production assistance and Nick Jaina, who composed our theme music. All other original music in this episode comes courtesy of Levi Cecil.

Podcasting, higher quality downloads and more information is available right here.

The History of KBOO

program date: 
Thu, 11/30/2006

Hear the special story about the birth of KBOO Community Radio! This piece was presented by Julie Sabatier, host of KBOO's "DIY, Portland," which currently airs the 3rd Thursday of every month at 10:00 am.

DIY, Portland: Education Roundup


We're revisiting last year’s series on do-it-yourself education. You’ll hear voices from the Portland Free Skool and the Waypost, as well as Matthew Stadler, who gave a presentation at Reed College’s Learning is Fun and Dangerous event about a WWII-era zine called Vedem. As always, podcasts, zines and all kinds of information is available at


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