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I've been planning to write a blog entry about my week with KBOO.  Now that it is almost over, I don't think I can do it justice.  MLK Day I got to sit at the KBOO table at the Skanner Breakfast next to an old friend Liz Perry and her husband Armando.  I don't think I've ever heard Ron Wyden speak in person before.  He was more energetic than I'd expected. 

Draft Agenda 1/25/10 meeting


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors

January 25, 2010 6 pm 

*Alternate Location 12 SE 14th Men's Resource Center btwn Burnside and Ankeny

Draft Agenda


Introductory Matters

  • KBOO House Rules--How We Treat Each Other
  • Board Member Check-In
  • Public Comments
  • December Minutes Approval

New Board Member Appointment--Introductions and Closed Session Interviews and Deliberation


  • Conflict of Interest Law

Committee Matters

January Board Meeting--Location Change


 The January meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors is coming up on Monday the 25th starting at 6 p.m.  Since Membership Central will be set up in our normal meeting space, we have to relocate.

The site of the 1/25/2010 Director's Meeting will be the Men's Resource Center at 12 SE 14th Ave. between Burnside and Ankeny in SE Portland.

I'm going to work on a draft agenda this weekend.  If you have a matter that you'd like to offer for consideration, please let me know by posting here or emailing me at


Concern about Following Rules


Recent communications with the board have raised concern about whether rules and policies are being followed.

I refer people to 3 attachments below: KBOO House Rules and the Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution Guidelines adopted by the board in 2008.



Open Meetings Law


At the December board meeting, volunteers raised concern that I am not familiar with the laws regarding open meetings.  It was suggested that the board look to ORS Chapter 192.610-192.690.   However, as I have communicated to some concerned parties via email, those sections of the law relate to public governmental bodies and not to non-profits like KBOO. 

December Board Meeting--Drafting the Agenda


The December meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors will be Monday Dec. 28 at 6 pm at the station.

Here is what has been suggested for the agenda so far.  In general, if people have items for the board agenda they should let me know.

I'm not sure who is signed up to bring food.

Introductory Matters

KBOO Board Seeking to Appoint Secretary


Can you type without looking at your fingers? Do you feel strongly about KBOO's survival for years to come? The KBOO Board may just be the opportunity you're looking for!

KBOO is interested in recruiting an individual who could serve as Secretary to the Board of Directors.  This appointment will be until September 30, 2010. The ideal person to fill this position would have excellent organization and note taking skills, and demonstrate an eagerness to be part of a team that will help define the future for KBOO.

To find out more about this opportunity, contact Erin Brand at, or check out to find an application.

Beginning my term as President of the Board


I had a good time last night at the Blues Power benefit concert for Tom Wendt.  It was inspiring to see how many people have been touched by a long-time KBOO DJ.  Personally, if not for KBOO, I would not have learned to listen to and enjoy non-pop music like blues and bluegrass.

Tonight is the first meeting that I'll chair as President of the KBOO Foundation Board of Directors.  The agenda is posted here:

If anyone is reading this, one topic I'm interested in discussing is how do members feel about the juxtaposition of our new (well-done in my opinion) underwriter announcements with the "non-commercial" aspect of KBOO?  Our underwriter spots fit the definition of non-commercial that will satisfy the FCC and maintain our non-profit status.  And we can put the sponsor donations to good use.  But I know that when NPR started having their environmental programs sponsored by ADM, I looked askance. 

News from the Board- Important News About the Recent Election


Thank you to all of you who took the time to vote in our most recent Board of Directors election. Approximately 650 members took part in this past election.

This is the results of the vote tally:
Judy Fiestal - 310
Maire Cullen-Gilmore - 299
Marty Soehrman - 273
Michael Papadopoulos - 235
Nia Lewis - 224
Chris Andreae - 219
Paula Small - 208
Mimi Villarqui - 171
Keller Henry - 159
Scott Forrester - 146
Brian Stevens - 122
Glen Owen - 106

When it came time to file annual forms with the FCC, it came to the attention of the Nominating Committee of the KBOO Board of Directors that one of the individuals recently elected to the board at our September annual meeting is not a US citizen. Federal law allows us to only have 2 non-US citizen board members and no more, and we already have two board members who are not US citizens elected in prior elections who still have time on their 3-year terms. 

At this time, Michael Papadopoulos, who is not a US citizen, will not be able to be seated as a member of the Board of Directors due to this regulation. The next board meeting is Monday October 26 at 6 pm.  This issue will be on the agenda for discussion.

News from the Board - September 2009


Election season is in hand and there are 12 candidates who are vying for open seats on the Board of Directors. Be sure to get your ballots in by the deadline- either by mailing them in to Mark Ecklund's office, or by bringing them to the Annual Membership Meeting by 2pm on September 26th at Liberty Hall. For more information check out:

We have appointed 3 new board members this past spring and summer to fill in vacancies on our board. Our newly appointed board members are Nia Lewis, Marty Soerhman, and Paula Small. To learn more about our newest board members, check out:  

Lastly, I am closing with a letter that is addressed to the community by the Board of Directors. It has been written in response to an unfortunate circumstance that took place at the end of August. The station manager, Arthur Davis, laid off Toni Tabora-Roberts, KBOO's Outreach Coordinator. The Board of Directors felt that this layoff was handled in a way that caused confusion and concern by many of the staff and volunteers at the station. Arthur presented a letter of apology for how he handled this situation. Even though the Board continues to support Arthur Davis as station manager, in recognition of his poor handling of this termination of employment, a letter of reprimand will be drafted to share with Arthur upon his return from vacation in October. The board appreciates the community's support in working through a resolution to this difficult situation.

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