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Episode Archive

African Music at Soul'd Out Music Festival

Air date: 
Thu, 04/10/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Three pairs of tickets will be given away during the show.

This year's Soul'd Out Music Festival [SOMF] runs from Thursday, April 10th - Sunday, April 20th and features lots of great music. If you haven't seen the complete lineup, go to  And this year's performers include three top-notch African artists:  Fatoumata Diawara (Sun. 4/13, Star Theater), Tinariwen (Tue. 4/15, Aladdin Theater), and Bombino (Wed. 4/16, Roseland Theater).   Tune into this week's Africa O-Yé! to win free tickets.  We'll listen to selections from each of these artists' latest recordings, and one pair of tickets to each concert will be given out during the show.  host: Andy Hosch

Jason Urick on Africa O - Ye

Air date: 
Thu, 04/03/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
guest dj jason urick, hosted by dr. zomb...

Africa-O-Ye! on 03/27/14

Air date: 
Thu, 03/27/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
African music

Africa-O-Ye! on 03/20/14

Air date: 
Thu, 03/20/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
African music

Africa O-Yé! - Comoros

Air date: 
Thu, 03/13/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Music from the Comoros Islands

On this week's show, we explore music from Comoros, the Indian Ocean archipelago lying between the northern tip of Madagascar and mainland Mozambique.   The Swahili culture of Zanizibar and coastal Tanzania and Kenya provides much musical influence on the islands, along with Arabic and Malagasy music.  Artists will include Abou Chihabi, Baco, Belle Lumiere, Mohamed Hassan, Mwezi WaQ, Nawal, Sambeco, and Zaïnaba.    host: Andy Hosch

Africa-O-Ye! on 03/06/14

Air date: 
Thu, 03/06/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
African music

Africa O-Ye! 2/27/14

Air date: 
Thu, 02/27/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
hosted by Nick Barbery

On the 4th Thurs of the month, Africa O-Ye! is hosted by Nick Barbery of


Africa-O-Ye! on 02/20/14

Air date: 
Thu, 02/20/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
African music

Africa O-Yé! - more music from South Africa

Air date: 
Thu, 02/13/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Thanks to everyone who attended our screening of Amandla!  -A Revolution in four-part Harmony at the Clinton Street Theater.  Keeping in the same vein, this KBOO Winter 2014 membership drive edition of Africa O-Yé, will feature music from South Africa.  My previously posted show, "Music from Sudan"  will happen in the near future...   Available as thank-you gifts for new or renewing KBOO members will be copies of the soundtrack CD from the Amandla! film.  
this week's host: Andy Hosch

Broadcasting from Mississippi Records

Air date: 
Thu, 02/06/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Live Broadcast from Mississippi Records!
We'll be broadcasting today LIVE from Mississippi Records, 5202 N Albina Ave, Portland! Join Dr. Zomb, and other frequent guest hosts as they take turns as selectors for this community event!


Africa O-Ye! 5/10/2012 with Obo Addy

program date: 
Thu, 05/10/2012

 Ghanaian master drummer Obo Addy spoke with host Andy Hosch and shared a variety of music from his long career.


Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 12/12/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Abdullah IbrahimAfrican HerbsAfrican SunKaz Records KAZ CD 102
Abdullah IbrahimBlack & Brown CherriesVoice of AfricaKaz Records KAZ CD 101
Abdullah IbrahimLittle BoyTintinyanaKaz Records KAZ CD 103
mic break
Johnny Dyani with John Tchicai & Dudu PukwanaSong for BikoSameSteeplechase SCCD-31109
Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny DyaniSaudEchoes From Africaenja 3047 2
mic break
Tabu Ley & ONAZALikambo ya MokandaVoice of Lightness, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3027-28
Tabu Ley & M'bilia BelEsw Yo WapiTabu LeyShanachie 43017
Tabu Ley & Afrisa International with Ndombe PepeMa NonoVoice of Lightness, Vol. 2Stern's Africa STCD3056-57
mic break
Tabu Ley & M'bilia BelMongali1971/1972/1973Sonodisc CD 36552
Tabu LeyNakwayi Carreau1972/1973Sonodisc CD 36559
Tabu LeyMuwoso MuwosoLes Annees 70Sonodisc CD 36562
mic break
Tabu Ley RochereauEkeseniVoice of Lightness, Vol. 2Stern's Africa STCD3056-57
Tabu Ley & Afrisa International with Ndombe PepeLisaso1971/1977Sonodisc CD 36542
mic break
Tabu Ley & FrancoLisanga ya BangangaVoice of Lightness, Vol. 2Stern's Africa STCD3056-57

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 12/05/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Joseph Kabasele 'Le Grand Kallé'Miwela-MiwelaLe Grand KalléStern's Africa
Merengue Fontaine
Abdullah IbrahimMandelaWater from an Ancient WellEnja
Hugh MasekelaBring Him Back HomeTomorrowWarner Bros.
-mic break-
Joseph Kabasele 'Le Grand Kallé'Jamais KolongaLe Grand KalléStern's Africa
Butsana Mama
Africa Bola Ngombi
Mokili Zala Ata Juste
-mic break-
Mbombo Ya Tshimbalanga
Joseph Kabasele 'Le Grand Kallé'African JazzLe Grand KalléStern's Africa
Naweli Boboto
Carrefour Addis Ababa
-mic break-
Joseph Kabasele 'Le Grand Kallé'Mama Ngai HabaneraLe Grand KalléStern's Africa
Makwela Ya Bana Mboka
Tembe Nye
Africa Boogaloo
-mic break-
K.P. Flammy & Beguen BandMu Nzila N'sonaNgoma (Souvenir Ya L'indépendance)P.A.M. (Popular African Music)
Manuel D'OliveiraBasi Banso TapaleGolden Afrique, Vol. 2 [Disc 2]Network
Le Ry-Co JazzMambo Ry-CoGolden Afrique, Vol. 2 [Disc 2]Network
Manu Dibango & African Soul QuintetEkedyNgoma (Souvenir Ya L'indépendance)P.A.M. (Popular African Music)
-mic break-
Philos & Orchestre NoveltyLa CommunautéNgoma (Souvenir Ya L'indépendance)P.A.M. (Popular African Music)
Belos & Jazz MangoJazz MangoNgoma (Souvenir Ya L'indépendance)P.A.M. (Popular African Music)
Les Bantous De La CapitaleKumbele KumbeleAfrican Pearls 1: Congo Rumba On The River [Disc 1]Syllart
Franco & Le Tout Puissant OK JazzSiluwangi Wapi AccordeonGolden Afrique, Vol. 2 [Disc 1]Network
-mic break-
Tabu Ley Rochereau et L'African Fiesta NationalMaria LolaAfrican Pearls 1: Congo: Rumba on the River [Disc 2]Syllart
K.P. Flammy & Jazz BeguenArticle 15 Oyebi Y'angoNgoma (Souvenir Ya L'indépendance)P.A.M. (Popular African Music)
Desholey & Dynamic JazzLouise Marie Wa MotemaNgoma (Souvenir Ya L'indépendance)P.A.M. (Popular African Music)
Paul Mwanga & Affienta JazzMuana Nkento BebeleNgoma (Souvenir Ya L'indépendance)P.A.M. (Popular African Music)
-mic break-
Jennifer Jones & Hugh MusekalaFather Of Our NationMandela SoundtrackMango
Stern's Africa has recently released a terrific retrospective on  the music of Joseph Kabasele, 'Le Grand Kallé -curated by Ken Braun.  During the first hour on this week's Africa O-Yé!  we will explore highlights from this collection.  Listening to this new compilation inspired me to revisit other vintage Zaïrean rumba too, so I've put together a playlist of some of my favorites for the second hour of the show.   host: Andy Hosch

Kabasele selections are from "Le Grand Kallé", Stern's Africa, 2013

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 11/28/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
william onyeaborBetter Change Your MindLove's a Real ThingLuaka Bop
AmanarAlghafiatMusic from Saharan CellphonesSahel Sounds
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi FamilyMy AncestorsMy Ancestorsmississippi
Group BombinoTenereGuitars from Agadaz Vol 2Sublime Frequencies
El Rego et Ses CommandosKe Amon GbetcheaEl RegoDaptone
Laurent LomandeMaboka MarieThe World is ShakingHonest Jon's
Bezunesh BekeleFelagote7"Phillips
west african rhythm brothersAduraLondon is the Place for me 2Honest Jon's
Group IneraneKuni MajaganiGuitars from AgadezSublime Frequencies
Ali Farka ToureBandalabourouAli Toure FarkaSonafric
Imperial Bodyguard BandEsse menike7"Phillips
Shake KeaneMambo IndioLondon is the Place For Me Vol 4Honest Jon's
Girma BeyeneEne Negne by Manesh7"Amha
Orchestre OK JazzMicorrasonAfrica Boogaloo: Latinization of West AfricaHonest Jon's
Emahoy Tsegue Mariam GuebruQuand la mer furieuseUnreleased
Francis MwakitmeSikega In OugwaAfrican BoxMississippi Records
mulatu astatkeEmnetemulatu astatke 10"Soundway
SE RogieEasy BabyThe 60's Sounds of S.E. RogieMississippi Records
Talhaun Gessesseunknown7"unknown japanese label
Eli Wamala and BandHamada7"Phillips
Wubshaw SileshiYih new Getinet7"Phillips
The West African Instrumental QuintetAdersu - No 2Living is HardHonest Jon's
Alèmayèhu EshètéTelantena zareEtheopian Urban Modern Music Vol 2l'arome
Hamadth KaCe Weeti (Message in a Bottle)Laila je T'aimeMississippi/Sahel
Seifu YohannusEbo Lala7"Phillips
UnknownKiss cha moto moto7"Song Afrique
Assegedetch KassaMarewa7"Phillips
Lemma DemissewAdrashash tefabeginHasabeMississippi
Ginger Folorunso JohnsonEgyptian Bint Al Cha ChaLondon is the Place for Me Vol 4Honest Jon's
Special Guest Hosts Eric Isaacson and Erin Yanke

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 11/21/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Franco & OK JazzBamaste BonaneFranco, Simaro, Ndombe et le TPOK JazzSonodisc CD 36520
Franco & OK JazzMatata ya Muasi na Mobali Ekoki Kosila teFranco 20th Anniversaire, Vol. 1Sonodisc CD 50382
mic break

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 11/14/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Yusuf Legwabe, Sabelo NtuliNgakuthuma Kwa MbongoziNaimaQuartier
Cos-Ber-ZamNe NoyaAfro-Beat Airways: West African Shock Waves (Ghana & Togo 1972-78)Analog
Noumoucounda CissokoBannadenoufeleFalingNomadic
William OnyeaborWhy Go To WarWorld Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor?Luaka
Dieuf-Dieul De ThièsAling Na DjimbeAw Sa Yone Vol. 1Teranga
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi FamilyFishermanMy AncestorsMississippi / Little
SimiaoWasati WalomuCazumbi - African Sixties Garage Vol. 2No Smoke
KoudedeGolfGuitars from Agadez Vol.5Sublime
Samuel BelayAynotchesh YerefuEthiopiques Vol. 8: Swinging AddisBuda Musique
Frida SonkoMwami GweAfrica DancesOriginal Music
Groupo de Totoko FrancoisBololo o KoliloTravelling With My Portable Electric Phonograph, Vol. 1Monk
Hugh Tracey (Recording)B02 M'Sodomo - Nyanja-ChewaKMA 4 Musical Instruments 4 - Flutes and
Jolly OrchestraEgbe JollyDelta Dandies (Dance Bands In Nigeria, 1936-1941)Savannahphone
N.T.U. Small TigersEmhlabeni My Lord KwangizumaMusukungibulala WethuKaya
Dafra StarRam PasonayeVoltaique Panoramique Volume 1 - Popular Music In Ouagadougou & Bobo-Dioulasso 1968-1978Kindred
Les Grands Colombias Du Peuple & Stanley MurphyZapinDans Becheke PiMusique
The Lijadu SistersLife's Gone Down LowAfro-Beat Soul Sisters : The Lijadu Sisters at Afrodisia, Nigeria, 1976-79Soul
MonosweziNdineweThe Rough Guide to Acoustic AfricaRough Guide
Early Mabuza QuartetLittle Old Man (Maxhegwana)Next Stop ... Soweto Vol. 3: Giants, Ministers and Makers: Jazz in South Africa 1963-1984!K7 Records
S.E. RogieI Wish Was A CowboyThe Sounds Of S. E. Rogie Vol. 1Mississppi Records
Popular Cooper & His All Beats BandArrainoNigeria Special 2:
Ali Hassan KubanNoubaFrom Nubia to CairoPiranha
Djamel AllamRani LahLaissez Moi RanconterL'
Pheno S.WaihidjoKaniSahel
Francis BebeyTiers-MondeUn Petite
Francis BebeyCoffee Cola (Young Marco mix)Francis Bebey RemixBorn Bad
Wally BadarouHi-LifeEchoesIsland Records
Zazou, Bikaye & Cy1Eh! YayeNoir et BlancCrammed
Hafusa Abasi & Slim Ali with The Yahoos BandSina RahaKenya Special: Selected East African Recordings from the 1970s & '


Nick Barbery of  joins the KBOO roster to host his first solo installment of Africa O-Ye! Starting Dec. 26th, Nick will host the show regularly on the 4th Thursday of every month. 


Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 11/07/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
abdou tambalioallo allo birmamp3
soulltanasoyayya moumounamp3
sani abousasodjamp3
ali djibomougoun maganimp3
mdou moctartahoultineafelan lpsahelsounds
mdou moctardouniamp3
bombinoniamey jamnomad cdnonesuch
mamman saniboodo 1987mp3
mamman sani et john safokolleyzar zarkoymp3
sogha nigerair teneremp3
lakal kaneysoul tamashekmp3
kaidan gaskiani ga dimp3
john safokoleysafokoleyrecent site recording
mariam ahmedcoverrecent site recording
Christopher Kirkley was Dr. Zomb's guest this week. He has just returned from Niger and brought in a show's worth of recent finds, old recordings and new, all from Niger and at this time, mostly mp3s unavailable elsewhere. More on Chris and his projects can be found at

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 10/31/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
PLAYLIST: Africa O-Ye!
2013, Thursday, 2 to 4 pm
Portland, OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 100.7
Hood River/Columbia Gorge: 91.9
Host: Don Jacobson

Posted to: Folkdj-l,
Webcast on

(VA) = Various Artists.  All media are CDs unless otherwise stated.

Artist: "Selection" ALBUM TITLE [Label]

Toumani Diabate: "Si Naani" THE MANDE VARIATIONS
((Music Bed))
Seif Salim Salen/Abdullah Mussa Ahmed: "Ua" TAARAB1 [Globestyle]

Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club: "Usiji Gambe" TAARAB 2 [Globestyle]

Mila Na Utamaduni Culture Club: "Bashraf Salame" SPICES OF ZANZZIBAR [Network]
Orchestra Baobab: " Ami Kita Bay" MADE IN DAKAR

Orchestra Baobab: "Ray M'Bele" PIRATES CHOICE [World Circuit/Nonesuch]

Orchestra Baobab: "El Son De Llama" ON VERA CA [World Circuit]

Orchestra Baobab: "Ndiaga Niaw" PIRATES CHOICE [World Circuit/Nonesuch]
Tarika Sammy: "Tonga Vahiny" FANAFODY [Green Linnet]

Dama & D'Gary: "Manake" THE LONG WAY HOME [Shanachie]

Rossy: "Maki" ISLAND OF GHOSTS [Real World]

Tarika Sammy: "Hisoma" BENEATH SOUTHERN SKIES [Shanachie]
Toumani Diabate: "Jarabi" KAIRA [Hanibal]

Toumani Diabate/Ballake Sissoko: "Salaman" NEW ANCIENT STRINGS [Hanibal]

Toumani Diabate/Ali Farka Toure: "Ai Ga Banj" IN THE HEART OF THE MOON [World Circuit/Nonesuch]

Toumani Diabate/Taj Mahal: "Atlanta Kaira" KULANJAN [Hanibal]
(VA) Ano Firmino/Tito Paris: "Chico Malandro" CAPE VERDE [Putumayo]

Cesora Evora: "Miss Perfumado" MISS PERFUMADO [Melodie]
Portland OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 104.3
Hood River/Columbia Gorge, OR: 91.9
Webcast on

My playlists are posted to folkdj-l and

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 10/24/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Miriam Makeba & The SkylarksDarlie Kea LemangThe Best Of Miriam Makeba The Early YearsWrasse
Miriam Makeba & The SkylarksHolililiMiriam Makeba & The Skylarks, vol. 1Teal Records
Miriam Makeba & The SkylarksLive HumbleMiriam Makeba & The Skylarks, vol. 1Teal Records
-fundraising break-
Miriam Makeba & The SkylarksMake Us OneMiriam Makeba & The Skylarks, vol. 1Teal Records
Miriam Makeba & The SkylarksPula Kgosi SeretseThe Best Of Miriam Makeba The Early YearsWrasse
Miriam Makeba & The SkylarksInkoma ZodwaMiriam Makeba & the Skylarks, Vol. 1Teal Records
-fundraising break-
Miriam MakebaThe Click SongMiriam Makeba (1960)Columbia
Miriam MakebaDubulaThe World Of Miriam Makeba (1963)Columbia
Miriam Makeba & Harry BelafonteHurry, Mama, Hurry!An Evening with Harrry Belafonte & Miriam MakebaColumbia
Miriam MakebaWhere Can I Go?The World Of Miriam Makeba (1963)Columbia
-fundraising break-
Miriam MakebaCarnival (Luis Bonfa)The World Of Miriam Makeba (1963)Columbia
Miriam MakebaVamos Chamar O Vento (Let's Call The Wind)The World Of Miriam Makeba (1963)Columbia
-fundraising break-
Miriam MakebaInto YamThe World Of Miriam Makeba (1963)Columbia
Miriam MakebaKwediniThe World Of Miriam Makeba (1963)Columbia
Miriam MakebaKilimanjaroThe Many Voices of Miriam Makeba (1962)Columbia
Miriam MakebaPole MzeThe World Of Miriam Makeba (1963)Columbia
Miriam MakebaThanayiThe Many Voices of Miriam Makeba (1962)Columbia /Legacy
-fundraising break-
Miriam MakebaUmquokozoMakeba! (1968)Columbia
Miriam MakebaIphi NdilelaMakeba! (1968)Columbia
-fundraising break-
Miriam MakebaMalouyameThe Guinea YearsStern's Africa
Miriam MakebaMiléléThe Guinea YearsStern's Africa
Miriam MakebaAmampondoThe Guinea YearsStern's Africa
Miriam MakebaTeya TeyaThe Guinea YearsStern's Africa
-fundraising break-
Miriam MakebaYetentu TizalenyPata Pata (1967)Columbia
Miriam MakebaEmavungwini (Down In The Dumps)Makeba! (1968)Columbia
Miriam Makeba & Harry BelafonteMagwala NdiniMakeba! (1968)Columbia
-fundraising break-
Miriam MakebaPata PataPata Pata (1967)Columbia
Miriam MakebaHouse Of The Rising SunMiriam Makeba (1960)Columbia
Music of Miriam Makeba: Late 1950s - early 1970s / host: Andy Hosch

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 10/17/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Manu DibangoNew BellSoul MakosaAtlantic
- mic break -
Hugh MasekelaBajabula BonkeThe Americanization of Ooga BoogaMGM
- mic break -
Tabu LeyI Need YouYolaGenedia
African Bros. BandNgyegye Ne SeAfro-Beat Airways #1Analog Africa
- mic break -
Alex Konadu's International BandMafe WoSankofaNetwork
- mic break -
Salif KeitaMadanMoffouDecca
Toumani Diabate's Symmetric OrchestraBoulevard de l'IndépendanceBoulevard de l'IndépendanceNonesuch
Oumou SangaréYalaOumouNonesuch
- mic break -
Lord MelodyTurn Back MelodyCalypso AwakeningSmithsonian Folkways
traditionalLlego el ChanguiAhora Si, Here Comes ChanguiCorason
- mic break -
Obo AddyRekpeteWo Baa Wieunreleased
Randy WestonNiger MamboUhuru Africa / HighlifeRoulette
- mic break -
Captain YabaNeribalankinaYaba Funk RootsRetro Afric
- mic break -
Bob Marley & the WailersGet Up, Stand UpLive in LondonTuff Gong
Burning SpearInvasionMarcus GarveyIsland
John Brown's BodyIsle of SpringsThis DayShanachie
- mic break -
Mamar KasseyAlatoumiAlatoumiWorld Village
- mic break -
KékéléMbote Ya PambaRumba CongoStern's Africa
Sam MangwanaCantos De EsperancaCantos De EsperancaNext Music/Sono
Orchestra BaobabWonma ma guissLa Belle EpoqueSyllart
- mic break -
Fela Kuti & Africa '70Let's StartLiveMakossa
- mic break -
Orchestre Regional de MoptiBoroOrchestre Regional de MoptiMali Music
Bassekou Kouyaté, et al.ArtistesMidnight in MaliStern's Africa
- mic break -
Rokia TraoréKanouBowmboiNonesuch
- mic break -
Miriam MakebaPata PataBest Of Miriam Makeba: The Early YearsWrasse
Dorothy MasukaHamba NotsokoloThe Definitive CollectionWrasse
ntombi ZephephaIngoina Le NyathiNext Stop ... Soweto - Township Sounds From The Golden Age Of MbaqangwaStrut
Letta MbuluMacongoHugh Masekela Presents From The Vaults Of Chisa 1965-1976Bbe/Heroes
- mic break -
King Sunny Ade & His African BeatsJa FunmiJuju MusicMango
- mic break -
Angélique KidjoBatongaKeep On Moving: The Best Of Angélique KidjoWrasse
DJ Charlie of The World Beat Connection & Andy Hosch from Africa O-Yé! teamed up to showcase KBOO's Thursday afternoon world music programming

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 10/10/2013

Program name: 
Air date: 
Franco & TP OK JazzPamelo1980 - 1981Sonodisc CD 8489
Franco & TP OK JazzTosambi bapejiyo raison na Quartier20th Anniversaire, Vol. 2Sonodisc CD 50383
Franco & TP OK JazzBoma l'Heure1970/1971/1972Sonodisc CD 36514
Franco & TP OK JazzEsengo ya mokiliFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3041-42
Mic Break
Franco & TP OK JazzTika kondima na zoloFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3041-42
Franco & TP OK JazzAndumu lutshumaFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3041-42
Franco & TP OK JazzTcha tcha tcha de mi amorFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3041-42
Franco & TP OK JazzEbale ya ZaireFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3041-42
Franco & TP OK JazzBazonzele Mama AnaFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3041-42
Franco & TP OK JazzKinsionaFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3041-42
Franco & TP OK JazzMabeleFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3041-42
Franco & TP OK JazzLikambo na nganaFrancophonic, Vol. 1Stern's Africa STCD3041-42
Franco & TP OK JazzPrincesse KikouFrancophonic, Vol. 2Stern's Africa STCD3046-47
Franco & TP OK JazzMario (faded out)Francophonic, Vol. 2Stern's Africa STCD3046-47
Franco & TP OK JazzKimpa KisangemeniFrancophonic, Vol. 2Stern's Africa STCD3046-47
I featured music from Franco & TPOK Jazz, (almost) all from Stern's 2CD + booklet box sets. The box sets were offered as Thank You gifts to those donating $75 or more to KBOO during the program.


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