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A Different Nature

A Different Nature Mission Statement: A Sustained Explorations of New, Experimental Music and Sonic Art
A Different Nature is a curatorial program of genre-defying avant garde music and spoken word that champions historic and modern sound art and spotlights, new, emergent experimental music and audio art generally not heard anywhere else.
The program's format provides the space for deep listening to pieces not confined to pop song lengths and shows are generally focused on an artist, school of music or discipline, record label or art movement.

A Different Nature is a collaborative effort of the ADN Collective, who each curate a show every week on an informal rotating basis, or a group show, depending on the subject at hand.

A Different Nature was founded in the late Seventies by Richard Francis, who fearlessly championed new music and the unheard Avant Garde. His programs went into exhaustive detail on individual artists, labels and musical disciplines. He also spearheaded many important events on the air, such as the 2001 and 2008 Dada and Surrealism festivals that dominated the airwaves for days on end and involved many in the local avant garde community as well as many KBOO programmers.

Richard passed away in 2009 but it's our hope to carry on with his mission of introducing listeners to unheard new music as a collective of his collaborators and listeners.

Long live Papa Dada!

Airs every Monday from 8 to 10 PM

Episode Archive

A Different Nature on 08/23/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 08/23/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Soundscapes: sounds of place and machine; host: Ani Raven

A Different Nature on 08/02/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 08/02/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Strange Sounds From Sheffield: A Look at Cabaret Voltaire

A look at the Dada-infused group from Sheffield UK, Cabaret Voltaire.
Cabaret Voltaire formed in 1973, around Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson. Initially utilizing minimal electronics and tape to make their highly original sounds, they eventually incorporated Funk, dance and Dub in the mix and released numerous singles, EPs and albums.
Watson left the group in the early 80's to pursue a career in television and has since gained acclaim as an environmental sound recordist.
Cabaret Voltaire's output slowed to a crawl in the Nineties and there has yet to be a proper CV recording in this century.
Richard H. Kirk continues to put out releases under his own name, as Sandoz, Biochemical Dread and more.

A Different Nature on 06/28/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 06/28/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Music not from instruments...

TONIGHT ON "A DIFFERENT NATURE" from 8 to 10 pm: PHONOGRAPHY and Music from things other than instruments.

Gino Robair says, "Phonography, as a sound art, is by it's nature improvisatory. It gives us more than one chance to hear the sounds of a moment, and, often, more than one way to hear them." But rather than just playing field recordings, tonight Danielle explores the possibilities people have found in creating music from objects and other sources than traditional instruments. Car horns, credit card machines, photocopiers, shiphorns, telephone wires, bottles... Sometimes there are moments of beauty, sometimes insane cacophony. Inspired madness? You decide.

Hosted by Danielle Parks



A Different Nature on 06/07/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 06/07/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Ersatz Ergot: The Invention of Language in Music

The Different Nature Collective presents Ersatz Ergot, the invention of language in music.

Two hours of invented language: Esperanto - once optimistically hailed as the unifying universal language; Kobaïan - the invented language from French progressive rock band Magma; Molemot - the resultant language of miscegenation of the two races of The Resident's Mole mythos; the wordless stylings of Jaap Blonk, Christian Bök, Mike Patton - as well as classic works by Kurt Schwitters and more.

Espero vi povas aliĝi al ni!

A Different Nature on 06/07/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 06/07/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Ersatz Argot

ERSATZ ARGOT -  Saluton,  Kiel vi fartas?  Ĉinokte

A Different Nature on 06/07/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 06/07/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
"Language is a virus from outer space" ~William S. Burroughs
Saluton,  Kiel vi fartas?  Ĉinokte sur MALSAMA NATURO (A DIFFERENT NATURE)  ni far montr kie ĉiuj materialoj estas en artefarita kaj falsaj lingvoj kiel Esperanto, Zeuhl, kaj tiaaĵo(j). Aŭskult Lundon vespere de ok ptm al dek.

A Different Nature on 05/24/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 05/24/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
New Music for Gamelan
On Monday May 24, A Different Nature will focus on  new music for Gamelan.  You will hear works by North American composers for both Javanese and Balinese style gamelan ensembles (and some non-Indonesian instruments). Featured composers  include David Demnitz, Ron George, Michael O'Neill, Wayne Vitale, and Evan Ziporyn.  Ensembles: Gamelan Son of Lion (New York), Gamelan Pacifica (Seattle), Gamelan Sekar Jaya (San Franciso) and Gamelan Madu Sari (Vancouver, BC).  
This week's host: Andy Hosch

A Different Nature on 05/17/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 05/17/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:10pm
Short Description: 
Brian Eno: The Art Rock Years

On tonight's A Different Nature we are pleased to present the first of two Brian Eno specials.

A Different Nature on 05/17/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 05/17/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Brian Eno: The Art Rock Years

On tonight's A Different Nature we are pleased to present the first of two Brian Eno specials.

A Different Nature on 05/10/10

A Different Nature
Air date: 
Mon, 05/10/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 

NAKED VOICE - Tonight we listen to the voice as a solo instrument.. with almost no accompanimnent or electronics, and mostly stearing clear of spoken word and closer to sound-poetry, avant acappella and other forms of music/non-music that uses only the voice. From the soothing to the jarring, from the humorous to the sinister and scary.. we might listen to such artists as Joan La Barbara, Jaap Blonk, Diamanda Galas, Henri Chopin, Junko, Demetrio Stratos, Tamia, Prima Materia, and Lexie Mountain Boys.  


Interview With Negativland's Mark Hosler

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 08/25/2014
Dr. Zomb of Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura and Rich of Radio Lost and Found interview Negativland founding member Mark Hosler.
Mark called in all the way from North Carolina to discuss Negativland history, their upcoming show in Portland on the 29th, their upcoming new album It's All In Your Head and other mysteries.

richard's records

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 03/25/2013

This time on A Different Nature, we delve into the program's past, and play gems from founder Richard Francis' own record collection.  It's KBOO's spring membership drive, so A Different Nature listeners will have the opportunity to pledge their support for the station during the program. We have special thank-you gifts to offer new or renewing members: copies of the CD "Hendrix Uncovered: New Music Inspired by Jimi Hendrix", donated by March Music Moderne & Bob Priest.

  • Length: 119:47 minutes (164.51 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Interview with Homer Flynn of The Residents

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 02/18/2013

 For forty years, the San Francisco Avant-Garde band The Residents have basked in relative obscurity, much of it self-imposed. Their earliest modus operandi had them creating works under their 'theory of obscurity', first coined by N. Senada, who may or may not be an actual person. One aspect of the theory is that a work is created with the intent of never releasing a work until every participant has forgotten about it - or something like that.

Another aspect of the Residents is that they've kept their real identity a secret for many decades, with a few people speaking on their behalf in a business capacity who may or may not be Residents themselves.. Hmmm..

We did, however, manage to get Homer Flynn, The Resident's creative director and visual Major Domo on the phone, while he was, uh, helping the band on the Eastern leg of their Wonder of Weird 40th Anniversary tour.

Homer was more than generous with his time and lots of questions get answered, including a long-time rumour around KBOO's history.

But I'll let you listen to that yourself.



A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 09/17/2012

ADN 9/17/2012 CAGE CENTENARY PROGRAM 3 / host: dj what the!@#%*! 

  • Length: 119:30 minutes (109.41 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

A Different Nature 4/30/2012 featuring Derek Ecklund

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 04/30/2012

Interview with Edward Ka-spel of the Legendary Pink Dots

A Different Nature
program date: 
Mon, 11/22/2010

Kathy, Dr Zomb & Rolf interviewed Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots for A DIFFERENT NATURE. We conducted the interview at the Doug Fir a couple hours before they performed and aired it on ADN that night. Also thanks to Crystal for digital audio editing before the interview aired.


A Different Nature playlist for 05/22/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Sun RaCall for All DemonsSun SongDelmark
Sun RaBlue DelightLive in London 1990Wire
Sun RaRound MidnightLove in Outer SpaceLeo
Sun RaI Dream Too MuchReflections in BlueBlack Saint
Sun RaI Am Strangea poemunreleased recording
Sun RaLove in Outer Space/Space is the PlaceLove in Outer SpaceLeo
Sun Raspoken wordunreleased recording
Sun RaSounds and Something ElseWe Are In The FutureSavoy
Sun RaOmnisonicismDance of Innocent PassionSaturn
Sun RaJupiter FestivalContinuation
Sun RaAurora BorealisAurora Borealis
Sun RaDoor SqueakStrange Strings
Sun RaIntensityDance of Innocent Passion
Sun RaContinuation ToContinuation
Sun RaQuiet EcstasyAurora Borealis
Sonic Innovators ArkestraBeyond The Earth Scene(live at KBOO)(live in the KBOO studios
Sun RaWatusi part 1Live
Sun raSpace ProbeSpace ProbeSaturn
Sun RaWatusi part 2Live
Sun Ra and Walt DickersonBacon and EggsImpressions of a Patch of BlueMGM
Sun RaSolo Piano Recital
Sun RaDeep PurpleSaturn
Sun Ra/Amiri BarakaA Black MassA Black Mass
Sun RaNuclear WarNuclear WarAtavistic
Sun RaOver the RainbowAroraEl Saturn
Sun RaSecond Stop JupiterSpringtime in ChicagoGolden Years
Sun RaI'll Wait For YouA Strange Celestial RoadCelestial Recordings
Sun RaOmniscienceDance of Innocent PassionSaturn
Sun RaAlong Came RaThe Lost Arkestra Series Part 1Art Yard
Sun RaMoon DanceCosmic Tones for Mental TherapyEvidence
Sun RaStrange StrangeStrange StringsSaturn
Sun RaUFOOn JupiterKindred Spirits
Sun RaThere Are Other WorldsLanquidityEvidence
Sun RaOuter NothingnessHeliocentric Worlds Vol 1ESP
Sun RaInterplanetary TravellersHeliocentric Worlds Vol 3
Sun RaCelestial FantasyWhen Angels Speak of LoveEvidence
Sun Raexcerpt (including Nuclear War)Live at Luis' La bamba, PDX 1981unreleased
Sun RaNight of the Purple MoonThe Night Of The Purple MoonSaturn
Sun RaMy Brother the WindMy Brother the Wind
Sun RaCluster of GalaxiesArt Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow
Sun RaAnkh
Sun RaPeople Don't KnowPleaidesunknown
Sun RaLullaby for RealvilleSun SongDelmark
Sun Rainterview with Michael D. AndersonKBOO exclusive-----
Sun RaDeep Purple (with Stuff Smith)Sound Fun Pleasureunknown
Sun RaOuter Spaceways, Inc.unknownunknown
Sun RaAstro BlackAstro Black (remastered for Sun Ra 100)courtesy of Michael D. Anderson & Irwin Chusid of WFMU
Sun RaStrange Dreams/Strange Worlds/Black Myth/It's After the End of the WorldIt's After the End of the WorldMPS/Universe
Sun RaInterplanetary MusicWe Travel the SpacewaysSaturn
Sun RaEgypt StrutThe Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Sallah Ragab in EgyptLeo
Sun RaKingdom of ThunderFate in a Pleasant MoodSaturn
Sun RaReflections in BlueSun Ra Visits Planet Earth
Sun RaIndiaSuper-Sonic Jazz
Sun RaSilhouettes of the Shadow WorldSunrise in Different Dimensionshat ART
Sun RaTiny PyramidsSaturn
Sun RaBetween Two Worlds
Sun RaMusic from the World Tomorrow
Sun RaAngels and Demons at Play
Sun RaBrainvilleSun SongDelmark
Sun RaEl is a Sound of JoySuper-Sonic JazzSaturn
Sun RaCirceWhen the Sun Comes Out (remastered for Sun Ra 100)courtesy of Michael D. Anderson & Irwin Chusid of WFMU
Sun RaThe Nile, pt. 1
Sun RaThe Nile, pt. 2 (previously unreleased)
Sun RaBrazilian Sun
Sun RaWhen the Sun Comes Out
Sun RaTransitionSun SongDelmark
Sun RaFate in a Pleasant MoodFate in a Pleasant MoodSaturn
Sun RaSaturnSun Ra Visits Planet Earth
Sun RaAfricaThe Nubians of Plutonia
Sun RaPlanet earthSun Ra Visits Planet Earth
Sun RaAiethiopiaNubians of Plutonia

100 Years of Sun Ra

Sun Ra's 100th birthday 12-hour listening party
7 pm May 22 - 7 am May 23, 2014

A Different Nature playlist for 05/19/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Bruit TTVCastafioreCastafioreOhm Editions
Sten HansonThe Love Song of the Red PrincessThe John Carter Song BookPhono Suecia
Natasha SpencerThe House She Flew in On (full version)nonenone
Marc TremblayCowboy FictionBruit-GraffitiEmpreintes DIGITALes
Ake HodellThe Djurgarden Ferry across the StyxVerbal Brainwash and Other WorksFylkingen
Sten HansonLa mer d'UlysseChrysopee Electronique-BourgesMnemosyne Musique Media
Ake HodellCerberus, the HellhoundVerbal Brainwash & Other WorksFylkingen
Avant garde music peices based on childrens stories and Greek myth.... 

A Different Nature playlist for 04/28/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
edgard varese   deserts ('61)    columbia-princeton electronic center 10th anniv. album    cri
j. cage/langham research centre    fontana mix w/ aria, imaginary landscape, wbai   early electronic and tape music lp   sub rosa
otto luening    in the beginning    columbia-princeton 10th anniv.
eno/harmonium   sometimes in autumn   tracks and traces reissue lp   gronland
pierre boeswillwald    nuisances ('71)    traces two v/a lp    grm recollection
dominique guiot   l'oiseau du paradis (excerpt) ('74)   traces two
vladimir ussachevsky   computer piece no.1, two sketches for a computer piece   columbia-princeton 10th anniv. lp
pril smiley   kolyosa                                                                                                                         "
alice shields    the transformation of ani                                                                                          "
eno/harmonia    les desmoisells

thats all I wrote down...    see you on the radio                                           

A Different Nature playlist for 04/07/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Robert Ashleythe backyardPrivate PartsLovely Music, Ltd.
Robert Ashleyclip from film by Peter Greenaway
Robert Ashleythe parkPrivate PartsLovely Music, Ltd.
Robert AshleyIn Sara, Mencken, Christ & BeethovenIn Sara, Mencken, Christ & BeethovenLovely Music, Ltd.
Robert AshleyAutomatic WritingAutomatic WritingLovely Music, Ltd.
Tonight on A DIFFERENT NATURE -- a tribute to freshly departed experimental music/prose theatre genius ROBERT ASHLEY who died last month just after completing his last opera, "Crash" (which opens this Thursday at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC). He was 83. Listen to what made him so important to artists in new music, poetry, and experimental, multi-media theatre (beginning in the 1950s!) as we attempted to present his most influential works, in 2 hours.

A Different Nature playlist for 03/17/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Roger DoyleBitter Sweet SuiteOizzo NoDom
Roger DoyleCharlotte CordayHis Masters Noise Vol 2BVHaast
Roger DoyleThaliaThalia -Oizzo NoSilverdoor
Roger DoyleThe Lament of Louis XVIHis Master's Noise Vol 2BVHaast
Roger DoyleExtra BitThalia - Oizzo NoSilverdoor
Operating TheaterFin-EstraRapid Eye MovementUnited Dairies
Roger DoylePassades Vol 1-Fourth SetHis Master's Noise Vol 2BVHaast
Roger DoyleThe Entertainment of Leisure PursuitsBabel Vol 1World Serpent
Operating TheaterRapid Eye MovementRapid Eye MovementUnited Diaries
To celebrate St Patrick's Day we listen to the music of Irish composer Roger Doyle

A Different Nature playlist for 03/10/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Miguel AzguimeLe Dicible Enfin FiniPortuguese ComposersMiso
Antonio de Sousa DiasTeTresPortuguese ComposersMiso
Antonio FerreiraGistPortuguese ComposersMiso
Tomas HenriquesTime WarpPortuguese ComposersMiso
Joao Pedro OlveiraMahakala SadhanaPortuguese ComposersMiso
Nuno Corte-RealNoa-Noa, homenagem a Gauguin op. 3Musica Viva CompetitionMiso
Gustavo CostaColagens, fluxos e fluidosMusica Viva CompetitionMiso
Jose Luis Marques FerreiraLe bruit d' une tete qui frappe contre les murs d' une tres petite celluleMusica Viva CompetitionMiso
Nuno LealCanticoMusica Viva CompetitionMiso
Jose Carlos Almeida de SousaViagemMusica Viva CompetitionMiso
Panayotis KokorasResponseMusica Viva CompetitionMiso
Ian CorbettConversationMusica Viva CompetitionMiso
Thomas Cahill-JonesBounce Eye (Study in Marbles)Musica Viva CompetitionMiso
Andrea AgostiniFunusMusica Viva CompetitionMiso
This Edition aims to fulfil two goals: to contribute to the best knowledge of the Portuguese electronic music creation; and to publish the awarded pieces of the Electroacoustic Music Competition that has been annually organized by Miso Music Portugal, since 2000, within the context of the Musica Viva Festival.
Volume I, it is important to refer that the composers included are among the most active, within this musical field, in the past few years, all of them with an established curriculum. These composers present their own approaches to electronic music composition.
Volume II contains the awarded pieces from the 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 Competition, which aims for composers younger than 35 years of age.

A Different Nature playlist for 03/03/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Jonathan HarveyMotuos Plango, Vivos VocoMusicworks 87Musicworks Magazine
Wendy Carlositle music from A Clockwork OrangeA Clockwork Orange SoundtrackWarner Bros.
Wendy CarlosTimestepsA Clockwork Orange SoundtrackWarner Bros.
Susan AlexjanderRock
Derek EcklundAstoria New Years Eve
Derek EcklundSea Lion Snore
Lou ReedMetal Machine Music pt.1Metal Machine MusicBuddha
ContinuumClaude Vivier: Pulau Dewataunreleased----------
Harvey Mudd College GamelanLou Harrison: In Honor of Aphroditeunreleased----------
Bonnie MikschSolsticeunreleased----------
Walter WinslowConcertati Veneziani I. BriosoWalter Winslow: Concertati Veneziani & Other WorksCRI
Emerson QuartetBartók: String Quartet #4, SZ 91 - 5. Allegro MoltoBartók: The String Quartets [Disc 2]Deutsche Grammophon
Oregon Wind QuintetKenji Bunch: Shout Chorusunreleased----------
Abel-Steinberg-Winant TrioLou Harrison: Varied Trio - 5. DanceLa Koro SutroNew Albion
Julius EastmanEvil NiggerJulius Eastman: Unjust MalaiseNew World Records
Haskell SmallHovhaness: Macedonian Mountain Danceunreleased----------
Iannis XenakisConcret PhElectronic MusicEMF Media
Maggini QuartetBritten: String Quartet #2 In C, Op. 36 - 2. VivaceString Quartet 1 D Maj / String Quartet 2 C MajNaxos
Krzysztof PendereckiSymphony no. 3 (Passacaglia-Allegro Moderato)Shutter Island (Music From The Motion Picture)Rhino Records
Bonnie MikschSurrender Me Endlessunreleased----------
John C. SavageRitualA Moment In MythicaCD Baby
Maria ChobanTomas Svoboda: Storm Sessionunreleased----------
Mischa ZupkoOcupyunreleased----------
Mischa ZupkoBreathunreleased----------
Hildegard WesterkampBreathing RoomElectro Clipsempreintes DIGITALes
The ResidentsBeyond The Valley of a Day in The LifeThe Beatles Play The Residents and The Residents Play The Beatles (single)Ralph Records
James HarleySpangledHendrix Uncovered : New Music Inspired By Jimi HendrixMarzena
Erik SatieLe Tango Perpétual (from 'Sports et divertissments)unknown----------
Arditti QuartetXenakis: IkhoorXenakis: Chamber Music 1955 -90 [Disc 2]Disques Montaigne
Dobrinka TabakovaInsightString PathsECM
This installment of A Different Nature presented a preview of the fourth annual March Music Moderne "Listening to the Here of the Now", 32 events happening March 7th-16th. This week's host Andy Hosch was joined by MMM founder Bob Priest. Many of tonight's selections were not played in their entirety. More info at

A Different Nature playlist for 03/01/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
4-hour expanded programming: retrospect on this past month's March Music Moderne IV, co-hosted by Andrew Hosch & Daniel Flessas, featured recordings from the festival plus in-studio guests: Jennifer Wright (Piano Bizarro), Maria Choban (MC Hammered Klavier), Brett Campbell (VSB Gamelan), Jeff Winslow (Winslow Brothers), and Bob Priest (Marzena).
For detailed information pertaining to MMM IV, go to

from: PIANO BIZARRO (3/12/14)
Stephen Montague: Mirabella [performed by Jennifer Wrignt, toy piano]  [3:44]
Art Resnick: Arrivals [performed by Art Resnick & Jennifer Wrignt] [15:22]
Jennifer Wright: Looper  [performed by Jennifer Wright, Paul Safar, Ted Clifford, and OlliverBarr] [4:24]
Jennifer Wright: Obscure Terrain [performed by Jennifer Wrignt, skeleton piano]  [8:22]
Julius Eastman: Evil Nigger [performed by Jennifer Wrignt, Art Resnick, Paul Safar, and Ted Clifford] [22:03]

Frederick Rzewski: Les Moutons de Panurge [7:19]
David Sackmann: Rainier Monster Slayer [prerformed by Avery Pratt, Justin Graham, and Kathryn Brunhaver] [5:13]
Terry Riley: In C [6:24]

Tomas Svoboda: Scherzo for flute, clarinet, piano [performed by Janet Bebb, Chris Cox, and Maria Choban] [7:28]
Tomas Svoboda: Storm Session [performed by Maria Choban] [9:17]
Tomas Svoboda: Suite, op. 124 - presto [performed by Maria Choban and Mitchell Falconer] [3:51]

from: FRIENDS OF RAIN (3/16/14)
James Harley: Song for Nobody [performed by Dunja Jennings] [12:12]

Lou Harrison: Gending in Honor of Aphrodite [7:00]

Jeff Winslow: Ghosts and Machines [performed by Mitchell Falconer, Jeff Winslow, and Dianne Davies] [22:40]

Susan Alexjander: Rock Piece [2:16]
James Harley: Spangled [5:10]

from: FREE MARZ STRING TRIO (Hae-jin Kim - violin, Kenji Bunch - viola, Diane Chaplin - cello)  (3/16/14)
Ennio Morricone: Vivo [4:39]
James Harley: Trio Arachne [4:09]
Erik Satie: Le Tango Perpétuel  [performed by Jennifer Wright, toy piano] [1:24]
     1. Heather Derome: Apeshit [1:41]
     2. Linda Woody: Menage à Trois [1:33]
     3. John Berendzen: Tango Glaciel [1:39]
     4. Denis Floyd: The Devil's Dance [1:39]
     5. Robert McBride: It Takes Three [1:21]
     6. Byron Au Yong: Tangosa [1:13]
     7. Jennifer Wright: Le Tango Ineffectuel [1:26]
     8. Beth Karp: Judgement Day Tango [0:47]
Iannis Xenakis: Ikhoor [10:11]
Dobrinka Tabakova: Insight [11:49]

A Different Nature playlist for 02/03/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
an ADN group show--hosted by daniel, dr. zomb & alejandro

BlaCK MUsiC FRom oUTeR SPacE-- via Saturn, Chicago, Egypt, etc.

In honor of KELAN PHILIP COHRAN's first ever Portland appearance this week, we present not only his own music and that of his ARTISTIC HERITAGE ENSEMBLE ('67-'68), but also the music of SUN RA'S ARKESTRA during their Chicago years of the late 1950s til 1961 (which featured COHRAN)  and later years, too. When Sun Ra took his band/commune out of Chicago, eventually settling in Philadelphia til Ra's death in '93, Cohran decided not to continue living with and playing with SUN RA. Luckily for Chicago (and for creative musicians everywhere!), Cohran stayed to help foster and support new creative black musicians by helping to found the AACM (the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians), which has garnered so many amazing members from its genesis in 1965 until today.
(look at

first, we ventured through the spacier of Sun Ra's later music, and eventually worked our way back to the band that featured not only Phil Cohran's trumpet, but his invented instruments he brought to the band---the "Frankiphone" aka the "Space Harp", ukelin zither)- Sun Ra's early pre-ESP records, Angels and Demons at Play, Fate in A Pleasant Mood, and some rare 1960 recording we found in our own KBOO library that we never even found in our research. (thank you DJ WHAT th!)

ROCKET N0. 9 take off for the planet VENUS - SUN RA & his Myth-Science Arkestra from INTERSTELLAR LOW WAYS, 1960- on Saturn (later Evidence)
HELIOCENTRIC - from Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, vol 1 (1965) - on ESPdisk
the universe sent me - SUN RA from the Norton LP Space Poetry vol 2
OUTER NOTHINGNESS - Sun Ra & his Astro Inter-Galactic Infinity Arkestra from the LP HORIZON. recorded live in Egypt, 71 
BLACK HOLES IN SPACE and A BETTER WORLD from the Norton LP. Outer Darkness
excerpt from the Invisible Shield LP
DEEP  PURPLE - SUN RA and Stuff Smith, a duet recorded in Sun Ra's Chicago apartment, with Sun Ra on a solovox, prob '58!)

unamed tune recorded live in Berlin in 1983 --SUN RA's Arkestra with DON CHERRY, LESTER BOWIE, PHILLY JO JONES, FAMADOU DON MOYE, ARCHIE SHEPP, CLIFFORD JARVIS AND RICHARD DAVIS (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Lights of a Satellite - from the SUN RA & his Myth-Science Arkestra's 1960 Saturn (later on Evidence) LP, Fate in A Pleasant Mood
Music From The World Tomorrow, and Angels & Demons At Play - both from the 1960 Saturn LP Angels and Demons at Play
MAJESTIC I from MUSIC FROM TOMORROW'S WORLD. a newly released ('02?) rare 1960 session of the Arkestra in Chicago, with Phil Cohran on cornet. on ATAVISTIC records
A CALL FOR ALL DEMONS - from what has been called the first Sun Ra album, "Jazz by Sun Ra", recorded in 1956 and released in 1957 by Tom Wilson's label at the time, called Transition Records, later bought by the Delmark Records guy, Bob Koester, who reissued it in 1967.   
This sort of melts into the 1968 recording of PHILIP COHRAN'S Artistic Heritage Ensemble, sometimes called "On The Beach" as it was documents the sessions that took place on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago. This long, long, hypnotic track is called Motherhood and we are trying to imagine what it was like to have been sounds like a pretty small crowd, though Cohran says once the word got out of what was happening there on the beach of Lake Michigan, the crowds swelled into the hundreds.

We closed with Creation of The Beast from Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble's LP Armageddon.
into SUN RA speaking about the sub-dwellers. From the Norton (NAWTON!!) LP Sub Dwellers, and finally-
RUIZ vs. FMG from the ultra-weird record, COMIC BOOK HEROES.

WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS SHOW EVEN HALF AS MUCH AS WE DID PRESENTING IT. it may even have changed us in unimaginable ways...

A Different Nature playlist for 01/20/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Karkowski/Furudate/ZeitkratzerMix WhiteWorld As Will IIISub Rosa
Zbigniew KarkowskiExecution of IntellegenceAnthology of Noise & Electronic Music 3Sub Rosa
Zbigniew Karkowski/Torturing Nurse/Dickson Dee7PenetrationIheartnoise
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Tonight on A Different Nature we pay tribute to Polish composer/musician ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI, who passed away in mid-December 2013. We'll listen to both solo works as well as collaborations, including selections from the multi-volumed "World As Will" that he did with Tetsuo Furudate.

And we'll also spend a little bit of tonight's program on another experimental musician who died late last year, Akifumi Nakajima, who performed under the name of AUBE.

From Wikipedia:
Zbigniew Karkowski (born March 14, 1958 – December 12, 2013) was a Polish experimental musician and composer.

Karkowski studied composition at the State College of Music in Gothenburg, Sweden, aesthetics of modern music at the University of Gothenburg’s Department of Musicology, and computer music at the Chalmers University of Technology. After completing his studies in Sweden, he studied sonology for a year at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague, Netherlands. During his education, he also attended many summer composition master courses arranged by Centre Acanthes in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence, France, studying with Iannis Xenakis, Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Boulez and Georges Aperghis, among others.

He worked actively as a composer of both acoustic and electroacoustic music. He wrote pieces for large orchestra (commissioned and performed by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra), plus an opera and several chamber music pieces that were performed by professional ensembles in Sweden, Poland and Germany.

Along with Edwin van der Heide and Atau Tanaka, he was a founding member of “Sensorband.” In performances by this electroacoustic music performance trio, Karkowski “activated his instrument by the movement of his arms in the space around him; this cut through invisible infrared beams mounted on a scaffolding structure” (Tanaka 2012).

Karkowski lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan, for the last years of his life and was active in the underground noise scene there.

Karkowski died of pancreatic cancer in December 2013.


Aube (1959 – 25.09.2013) was the name used by Japanese musician Akifumi Nakajima (中嶋昭文 Nakajima Akifumi?) for his experimental noise records. He had released many CDs, LPs and cassettes since 1991, and was regarded as one of the most important noise musicians working of his time. He did not like to term his work "music," preferring the term "design": "I don't think of myself as a musician or an artist. I'm a designer. I therefore consider my sound works to be designs as well".[1] The essential element of his Aube project is that each record is composed with only a single material source, manipulated and processed using various types of electronic equipment. Examples of sources he has manipulated include water, fluorescent lamps, voltage-controlled oscillators, voices, pulmonary sounds, the Holy Bible's pages and sounds made with steel wire.

Akifumi Nakajima was born in 1959 in Japan. He was interested in sound work since the 80s, but had not released anything until he was asked to create music for an art installation in the early 90s. Since then, he has created an enormous amount of work - most of which is based on one sound source. Anything is used - from glass to oscillators and even pages from the Bible. His early work was noisier, while his new direction leaned toward ambient.



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